Magical forest as a cure

Forest was always known as a very good place for reseting your minds and this forest really is a cure. For everybody who dreams about pure nature forest, forest vegetation reserve Crni jarki is one of the most famous lowland forest. In the time of spring or autumn, whwn there is a lot of rain in some parts of forest, subterranean water is about 60-100 cm under ground. Crni Jarki are well known as a habitat of  kockavica, protected herbal but also other herbal vegetations, especially long-class sedge. There is a very rich flora like nowhere in Croatia and trees of black alder are here highest in the Europe. Crni Jarki are located eastern of Kalinovac and south of the road Kalinovac - Ferdinandovac. 

Peski, 48361 Kalinovac