Beautiful area of Dravski peski in Podravina region includes four municipalities of Koprivnica – Križevci county: Ferdinandovac, Kalinovac, Kloštar Podravski and Podravske Sesvete. Continental Croatia and its undiscovered treasures are perfect for tourist exploring and making new views of beauty. In just a few minutes you can see different kinds of nature. From the slopes of Bilogora where you can explore our beautiful forest and its residents to the romantic river Drava. In the middle of area we also have one phenomenom - our desert called Peski (sands). Bushy forest, Drava river, Peski deset, lot of cyclo and walking routes, art galleries, rich cultural heritage, traditional food and local wines - that is  Dravski Peski area.

Amazon of Europe – miraculous Drava river as attraction for excursions

Of natural beauties, we will start with  Drava river also known as Amazon of Europe. Drava river offers many activities to do: fishing, birdwatching, conoeing route „Drava tour adventure“, boat ride, unique lunch in the middle of Drava or just  enjoying in almost untouched nature.

You can also explore magic Bilogora and find all pathways which attract a lot of visitors to introduct  this beautifull forest and its hills by bike or walking. Unusual beautifull and small lake named lake Batinske is ideal place for a family trips, barbecue with your friends and sports entertainment as small football  and volleyball playground.

Our area also has phenomenon - desert of Peski which offers you unique opportunity to explore how is it to be in desert for a day. Peski are also reckognized as perfect location for filming and photo shooting sessions with a theme of desert.

It is also important to point out forest reseve „Crni jarki“ which is unique because alder trees achive height like nowhere  in Europe.

Art and tradition of  Podravina – creative destination full of culture attractions.

We are very proud to have a gallery of Ivan Lacković Croate, famous naive artist which is situated in his birth place - Batinske. In the gallery you can also see lot of art pictures of other authors.

Traditional construction and way of living in past century you can see in Etno village Karlovčan. Different paleontological stuff, traditional clothing and rich cultural heritage you can explore as a part of  Etnographic collection of Josip Cugovčan in  Podravske Sesvete.

Podravske Sesvete are also adorn by Ecological garden which is opened in 2003. as a first ecological garden of peace in the world. There are 21 wooden sculpture and some of them are: Magellan, Jesus, Odisei, Noah, Moses, Francis of Assisi and Beethoven.

Native museum in Kalinovac has very interesting history as a part of  defending teritory from Turkish forces in 18th century. This intriguing and beautiful area respresents chest full of treasures ideal for antiqoue lovers, legends, eko etno items and forgotten crafts which will be presented by kind hosts.

Except natural and culture attractions, you have to taste local traditional food which you can find in many restaurants and agrotourisms all over our area but also not to forget tasty wines of our local producers which are specific because they are producted despite sandy ground which gives special aromas and smells to wine like nowhere else.

We also have a lot of events during the year but the biggest one is Motocross championship of Croatia on a track "Karas hill" placed in small village Kozarevac which is one of the best tracks in Croatia. Track was a host of European motoross championship in 2011.

Cycling routes for all generations 

We are situated in perfect area for a different kinds of active tourism. The most developed is cycling where you can drive your bike along nature beaties and special way is by the river Drava. We have many routes with different kind of substrates for all kinds on cyclists. Except route by Drava river very interesting route is all over hills of Bilogora. 

Canoeing path named „Drava tour adventure“ is long about 12 km and it starts in small village Brodić (municipality of Ferdinandovac) and it ends in a place named Križnica (Pitomača municipality). Perfect way to recreate and enjoy in almost untouched part of Drava river. 

We are very small area but we have chest full of treasures which just needs to be opened and you are ready to explore.