Guards of the past in Podravke Sesvete 

What can you see in this private collection?

In house by the family yard, you can see how life looked like before, and special values are folk costumes, weaving and a loom. By many pieces od furniture, house inventory, many other things which were used in past, important part of collection are pieces of history amenities. There is also a lot of eastern eggs from Podravina. Except of etnographic collection, there are also paleontological findings  (young mamuth tooth and bones of very old findings) and archeological materials from the Bronze age till the late middle age. There are many good reasons why to visit this private collection once when you arrive in Podravske Sesvete,  but just one key reason: Romantic ride to the past, in a time of creativity when you had to to everything with your hands, without of technology as we know today.  Back to past is an opportunity to think about future, reset your minds, ideas and feelings and go back to a simple kind of life.

Trg Kralja Tomislava 22, 48363 Podravske Sesvete +385 91 181 9228 Po najavi