How did the humble postman became a famous artist?

Ivan Lacković Croata is born 1. janurary 1932. in Batinske near Kalinovac. In year 1957. he moved to Zagreb and started to work as a mailman. He became a professional artit in 1968.  His arts and drawings found a home in many world famous galleries and private collections.

His place of birth, Batinske were huge inspiration for him, especially in his first year of drawing where most of the pictures were with a theme of nature and beauties of Batinske.After he moved to Zagreb he strats to draw on a glass with a temepera and oil.

Ivan Lacković - Croata umro died in 2004. in Zagreb. His legacy still lives in his gallery in Batinke where you can see his authentic work desk and his last picture which he never finished.

Kanalska ulica Batinske, 48361 Kalinovac +385 99 334 7733 By appointment