Ecological garden in Podravske Sesvete – first of that kind in a world

Another attraction of museum outside is located in Podravske Sesvete. Did you know that this ecological garden opened in  2003. is first of that kind in  a world? Impresivne Impressive sculptures which are located in park are shaped in oak wood in natural size and they represent characters of persons through the reflexy of welcoming nature, water, living and shows persons set as symbol of water circle. You will also see the most famous monument in the garden - monument of water.  It is high 3,70 m heavy 3t, and made by oak wood old over 150 years. 
Except this monument they are also impozing sculptures of  Odisey, Noah, Jesus, Magellan and Beethoven. This unique park is situated in a village of Podravske Sesvete, and it is world attraction - you just have to discover it. 


Josip Jelačić square , 48363 Podravske Sesvete