On June 13, 2019, the renovated birth house of Petar Preradović was officially opened to the public


Thanks to the European Union and the funds of the Interreg Cross-border Cooperation Program Hungary - Croatia, within the project "Preradović & Csokonai", the Municipality of Pitomača renovated and adapted the birth house of Petar Preradović in Grabrovnica, which was arranged as a modern interpretation center. The whole House is permeated with multimedia and interactive contents such as the multimedia exhibition "Virtual Reality" and holograms by Petar Preradović, and with interactive content we offer the completion of poems, joint composition of verses or quizzes on poetic interpretations and viewing audio-visual recordings of Grabrovnica and the songs based on Preradović's poems and other content that will delight all visitors. Also, we suggest all visitors to watch the feature-length documentary "I, Preradović".

You can visit the Petar Preradović House Interpretation Center from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00. You can see more about the Petar Preradović Interpretation Center on the website: http://www.preradovic.eu/.

Photos: Owned by ICV, Kristijan Toplak, VPŽ